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The Patton Eagle Putter

The Patton Eagle Putter

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Patton Design introduces the revolutionary Patton Eagle putter—an exemplar of the adage that form follows function. In years of development, we have utilized precision engineering to provide the golfer with greater sensitivity in directing their aim. Having implemented a unique combination of series 802 Stainless Steel and type 6061 Aluminum, we have also employed finite element analysis to inform our design. The result is a unique eagle-inspired form that provides haptic feedback, the subtle energy of the ball transferred to the golfer.

The Patton Eagle putter is available in 33", 34", and 35" club lengths. We offer three color variations: gold/black, blue/silver, and silver/gray.


802 Stainless Steel and type 6061 Aluminum

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Golf Technology

We are committed to integrating precision engineering in crafting custom golf equipment.

Precision Putting

 Inspired by the noble form of an eagle, we've created unique golf tools that offer an enhanced playing experience.

Our Mission

Steeped in tradition, the pastime of golf and our technology is the passion golfers crave. With this new putter that utilizes tuning fork technology for precise swings, there is no compromise regarding performance or style.