Selecting the right golf putter size for you

Selecting the right putter size is very important for your putting performance, and it depends on various factors, including your height, posture, and putting stroke. Here are some general guidelines from us here at Patton Eagle Golf Putter to help you choose the right putter size:



  • Standard Length: The standard length for putters is usually around 33 to 35 inches. This is suitable for the average golfer.
  • Custom Length: Consider getting a custom-fitted putter to your height. Ideally, your eyes should be directly over the ball when you are in your putting stance.
  • The Patton Eagle Golf Putter is available in 33," 34," and 35" club lengths. 



  •  You might benefit from a shorter putter if you have a more upright posture.
  •  A longer putter might be more suitable if you have a crouched or bent-over posture.



  •  Arc Stroke: If you have an arcing putting stroke (a slight curve), you prefer a putter with a bit more length.
  •  Straight Back/Straight Through Stroke: A standard-length putter with a straight back and straight-through stroke may work well for you.



  • Ultimately, personal preference plays a significant role. Some golfers may feel more comfortable and confident with a particular length, even if it doesn't strictly adhere to the guidelines.



  • It's advisable to try different putter lengths on the practice green or during a fitting session. This can help you determine which length feels most comfortable and provides the best results.



  •  Consult with a professional club fitter or golf instructor. They can assess your stroke and provide personalized recommendations based on your characteristics.


Remember that the right putter for you may differ from someone else's. Finding the optimal putter length is often a process of trial and error, and getting professional advice can expedite the selection process.

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